I am...

an aspiring academic looking for my next research adventure

PhD, University of Cambridge (expected '25)

PGD Education, National Institute of Education ('20)

M.A. Linguistics, Nanyang Technological University ('19)

B.A. Linguistics (1st Class), Nanyang Technological University ('17)

an interdisciplinarian

a reseracher by choice

an educator at heart

I strive to take an interdisciplinary perspective in all the reserach I do. My work is guided by this broad question: How does socio-cultural experience shape the way we think and behave?

I have looked at this question from multiple perspectives - from how grandparents' sociolinguistic context influences intergeneration language transmission, to how biculturalism influences bilingual's domain general processing.

I enjoy blurring the line between psycho- and socio- linguistics.


Outside of academia, I enjoy cooking, making music, taking photos, pandering to my cat's whims and fancies, and being a glorified food dispenser to the community cats in my area :)

Updated: 19 Jan 2022