Publications & Presentations

A (relatively) updated listing of papers/posters/presentations


Xie, W., Ng, B. C. & Cavallaro, F. (2021). Living in harmony: Intergenerational negotiation of Family Language Policy. Language and Communication, 82, 8-27.

Xie, W., & Cavallaro, F. (2016). Attitudes towards Mandarin–English bilingualism: A study of Chinese youths in Singapore. Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development, 37(6), 628-641.

Cavallaro, F., Tan, Y.K., Xie, W., & Ng, B.C. (Under revision). Language Practices and Policies of Singaporean-Japanese Families in Singapore. Journal of Pragmatics

Xie, W., & Ng, B. C. (In prep). The effect of bicultural switching on bilingual’s Executive Functions.

Xie, W., & Ng, B. C. (In prep). Does bilingualism predict biculturalism? A study of Singaporean youths.

Xie, W., & Cavallaro, F. (In prep). Singapore’s language ecology: The way ahead. Ng, B.C., Azzam, M., Xie, W., & Cavallaro, F. (In prep). Family Language Policies of families with deaf children in Singapore.


Oral presentations (Peer-reviewed)

Xie, W., Cavallaro, F. & Ng, B.C. (2018). Abandoning Heritage: Pragmatic Grandparents and Family Language Policy. 20th International Congress of Linguists, July 2-6 2018, Cape Town, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Xie, W., Ng, B.C., & Cavallaro, F. (2017). The relationship between management, beliefs, practice and membership roles in family language policy. 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, July 23-28 2017, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Xie, W. (2017). A force to be reckoned with: Grandparents and English in Singapore 22nd International Association of World Englishes Conference, June 30-July 2 2017, New York, USA.

Poster presentations (Peer-reviewed)

Xie, W., Cavallaro, F. & Ng, B.C. (2018). Grandparents influence home language choice. Asia-Pacific Babylab Constellation, 4-5 October 2018, Singapore.

Invited talks

“Bicultural switching and Executive Functions”. (2021). Guest speaker, Undergraduate course. HG4013 (Bilingualism across the lifespan), Nanyang Technological University